(Re)Starting Microsoft 365: Initial and Annual Digital Workplace Planning

(Re)Starting Microsoft 365: Initial and Annual Digital Workplace Planning

Learn how to engage your leadership team in creating a plan for Microsoft 365 that generates vision, excitement and transformation.

Oftentimes business leadership teams aren’t aware of the breakthrough potential of SharePoint, Teams, Yammer and the other collaboration and communication tools found in Microsoft 365.

And Microsoft is releasing new apps, features and functionality so fast it can be challenge to keep up.

This session will dive into how to engage your leadership team in an annual process that will drive continuous innovation and improvement of your digital workplace.

Attendees will learn what should be included in your annual plan, how to build it, measuring ROI, and benchmarking user satisfaction.

  • Clearly understanding the value of a digital workplace project and articulate it to management
  • The foundation for Office 365 success—roadmap, project plans, governance and change management
  • The 4 pillars of an intranet
  • The role of leaders in a digital workplace project, and how to get, and keep, their engagement
  • Iterative planning processes—project phases and annual planning updates
  • The difference between a roadmap and a project plan
  • Creating a SharePoint project team network
  • Why supporting your digital workplace project can sometimes conflict with your project plan—and how to do both at once
  • Estimate, and measure, the ROI of your SharePoint project
  • Budgets—when and how to estimate them, and how to keep them on track
  • Phases, baby steps and training—how to take it slow without losing momentum
  • Participate in group planning exercises that you can bring back to your team

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