Bootstrapped Audio Communications

Bootstrapped Audio Communications

Companies are experimenting with new forms of audio in the workplace. Too many companies look to consumer podcasting and try to copy internally. They are both behind in where consumer podcasting is heading…and missing an opportunity for expanding what they could do internally with this mindset.

Join Mike Lantzy, Executive Communications leader from Soundbite AI and learn how to realize your company’s full potential with audio. During this lighthearted, collaborative, and enlightening session Mike will address some of the most pressing issues from ALI attendees.

In this session you will learn:

  • Why audio?
  • Connecting with your employees and audiences, what works and why?
  • How to design and produce your Audio Success Plan ASAP with the Soundbite Canvas!
  • Audio best practices and technology options for getting started with audio on a tight budget while demonstrating success with metrics!

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