Internal Communication Conversion: A Marketer’s Approach to Measuring Internal Comms

Internal Communication Conversion: A Marketer’s Approach to Measuring Internal Comms

As internal communicators, your goal is to drive positive business outcomes like reducing employee turnover, improving productivity, increasing revenue, etc. If you can’t talk about the bottom-line results that your work produces, then you’ll stay in the tactical, order-taking seat. Yet, based on research from Local Wisdom’s Internal Communication Team Maturity Assessment, 97% of internal communicators cannot prove that they contribute to business outcomes.

No other function is accountable for business outcomes like marketing and sales. These teams constantly measure the number of prospective customers who see, understand, engage, and act on their messaging. They create a funnel that allows them to see where audiences are and how it affects revenue. They can then tweak and adjust the mix of messaging as they see where audiences are falling off in their conversion.

Pinaki Kathiari, CEO, and Dan Spedaliere, Production Director, from Local Wisdom have worked with enterprise conglomerates to startups on their digital communications for more decades than they would like to admit. In this interactive session, Pinaki and Dan outline a framework for internal communicators to measure communication campaigns against four simple, powerful attributes. The framework tracks down to the end business outcomes, simplifies what data to look at, and pinpoints areas of the funnel that need help.

You will discover:

  • An understanding of the analytics limitations internal communicators face
  • A greater understanding of conversion funnels and their use
  • How to tie definitive business outcomes to your comms initiatives
  • The four key components you should measure your comms against
  • How to create your own funnels to get you the data you need

After learning the framework, you’ll break into groups to put it into practice!

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