Remembering Your Audience for an Internal Podcast

Remembering Your Audience for an Internal Podcast

As you get further into the process of podcast production, you may get so heavily focused on “what” it is you’re doing that you forget the who, where, why, when, and how. Marc and Gina break down the basics to remember when making a podcast for your internal audience.

The nuts and bolts of podcasting can look pretty intimidating, especially for first-timers.

Despite popular belief, you don’t need the fanciest mic or latest recording software to start your podcast.

Coming from a background of working with what she had, Gina shares the simple ways you can make your podcast sound professional when starting out.

Topics covered:

  • Why to start off small
  • The world of microphones
  • Simple DAWS and basic editing principles
  • Solutions for common podcast pitfalls

Podcast: “Internal Comms Pro: The Podcast”

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