Ensuring Your Employees Thrive In The Digital Workplace

Ensuring Your Employees Thrive In The Digital Workplace

Employees can be an organization’s best advocates and ambassadors since they are the conduit for conducting business and ensuring success. Therefore, it is essential for every organization to ensure their most valuable public is engaged, informed, and heard. The session will focus on how organizations can effectively engage and activate employees in a digital landscape.

In the past, employers could focus primarily on what employees had in common. Today, employers must also respond to differences within and between employee populations. Attendees will learn from a hands-on, data-driven workshop focused on creating a more effective employee experience using organizational intranets and other channels.

This workshop will include:

  • Attendee ice breaker and introductions
  • Overview of Integral’s recent findings related to employee experience, digital tools, digital transformation, and organizational intranets
  • Case study of digital tools and transformations: the risks and rewards
  • Customized questionnaire and table exercise focused around communication, collaboration, and culture in a digital work environment with report outs and group discussion

Attendees will learn:

  • Assessing and addressing gaps in understanding employee use of digital tools and preferences
  • Organizational rituals that build and reinforce values, connection, and positive behaviors
  • Cultivating communication channels using managers to bring non-managers in more deliberately
  • CommTech tools that matter

The key insights and takeaways will help communication leaders adjust and rethink their approach to the employee experience in the digital workplace for improved communication, culture, and collaboration.

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