Refine Your Digital Event Communication: A Workshop on Preparing for Internal Events

Refine Your Digital Event Communication: A Workshop on Preparing for Internal Events

Exhaling at the end of a successful internal event is incredibly rewarding. But the grueling time spent planning and organizing it, not so much. There’s so much to balance— many cooks in the kitchen, gaining alignment, navigating new relationships plus juggling multiple other priorities on a backdrop of how our pandemic world sees-saws between in person and virtual.

Despite what may feel like the odds stacked against you, this is vitally important work that brings company culture to life and makes employees feel the culture, creates excitement, increases their sense of belonging, welcomes diverse perspectives and motivates the team. It’s why we continue to organize enriching experiences for them.

Marissa Reale is Senior Comms Strategist at Local Wisdom, working in one of their client studios. She supports a portfolio brand and leads communications strategies for milestone observances, speaker events and employee resource groups related to mental health and well-being.

In this interactive and highly engaging workshop, Marissa shows you how to cut through the noise when there’s so much to do and how implementing a communications plan and run of show can help you get organized, stay focused and meet your employee engagement goals.  Whether it’s a company town hall, an appreciation rally, strategic announcement, or whatever, this session gives you insights on where to start, how to hone in on a single vision, and ways to delegate the work. On top of that, you’ll get access to templates and tools built from her wisdom, and you’ll get to experience the creative process with fellow workshop attendees.

You’ll want to attend this workshop so you can walk out with:

  • Aligning on a unified vision and keeping stakeholders involved
  • Creating a run of show and identifying authentic topics and engaging speakers
  • Collaborating with leaders, departments, and ERG groups
  • Creating a comprehensive communications plan

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