World’s Top Digital Industrial Company Transforms Communication Across the Business

One of the world’s largest digital industrial companies, this global brand has hundreds of thousands of employees in multiple business units, spread across countless countries. Keeping their employees connected and engaged is incredibly challenging.


Lack of Connection with Employees

The company had numerous siloed business units with different internal communication strategies and tactics. The communication team had too many different platforms for employees – none of which was easily accessible on mobile devices. It was especially difficult providing employees who work remotely with vital information. As with most large companies, the intranet was not adapted to be a source of current news. So there was no consolidated method for the company to distribute content to its employees. The company needed a way to manage internal communication and customize content for each business unit.

Key Communication Challenges

  • Business units with different internal communication strategies
  • Too many different platforms for employees
  • Employees working remotely not informed of company information
  • Intranet not a source of current news
  • Inability to customize communication for each business unit

Only 13 percent of employees visit their intranet daily and 31 percent never do.

Prescient Digital Media

Streamlined Platform That Focuses on a Mobile Approach

Dynamic Signal provided the company with the APIs and backend infrastructure the company needed to build its own custom company communication mobile app. Through Dynamic Signal’s consolidated platform, every employee can access relevant information, regardless of where they are. This enabled a top-down approach to communications from department leads and executives to employees everywhere. Also, having a mobile-optimized solution gave field workers and corporate staff the same level of access to information. The company is able to onboard 55,000 employees within the first three months. The platform also enables access to unique dashboards for each business unit, which allows program managers to properly monitor employees and content as well as measure results.

The Dynamic Signal Solution

  • Provided APIs and backend infrastructure for a custom mobile app
  • Consolidated platform that every employee can access
  • Enables top-down approach of communication from executives
  • Reaches every employee, anytime, through mobile device
  • Unique access/dashboard for each business

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