If you work on Intranets and internal communications, you should know ALI Conferences

If you work on Intranets and internal communications, you should know ALI Conferences

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We first heard about ALI Conferences about 3 years ago when a large client of ours wanted to talk about a project we helped them with. It was for the SharePoint for Internal Communications conference and that was my introduction to Advanced Learning Institute. By the end of this year, I’ll have been to 5 conferences from the organization.

I’ve been to many conferences in the past: SXSW, How Design Conference, and Dreamforce to name a few. These all are amazing experiences in their own rite, but I’ve always found something interesting and unique about ALI Conferences.

It’s an intimate crowd and you’ll meet some great people

I’ve made strong relationships with many people whom I keep in touch with. These are the people whom I’ve done business with, wrote content with, or simply tap on when I need an opinion.

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You get to see and hear about real life case studies

These aren’t the uber-polished, made-for-TV case studies. These are complex business challenges that real people are solving with limited resources.

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Everyone adds to the pool of knowledge

Yes, there are both vendors and clients in attendance, but it’s about the pursuit of knowledge, not the sale. It’s apparent that people come to ALI Conferences to teach and learn from each other.

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If you have an opportunity to take part in one of their conferences, take it.

I for one, am super-duper excited to be the chairperson and host for the Intranets for Employee Communications Conference this June in San Diego. I’m equally stoked to be running a workshop on co-creation in at the 3rd Annual Strategic Internal Communications conference in Boston this July. We’re going to have a great time!

Both conferences have a great line up of talks and workshops from companies like American Express, Cisco, Zillow, AT&T, and ReebokCome join us!

Join Pinaki Kathiari, Managing Partner of Local Wisdom at:

Intranets for Employee Communications, June 21 – 23 in San Diego

3rd Annual Strategic Internal Communications, July 18 – 20 in Boston

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