We’re Coming to You Live! Nationwide’s Internal Communications Strategy

Register today for the Internal Communications: Social, Video, Mobile, Intranets + More conference, Nov. 19-21 in Chicago

Have a message to spread to your employees, but not sure how? Struggling to revamp your employee engagement? Check out how Nationwide reaches its audience!  employee engagement

Learn about how the company communicates with its employees across the country using a unique live broadcast system, just like a radio station.

ALI Conferences will be hosting their Internal Communications: Social, Video, Mobile, Intranets +More conference on November 19-21 in Chicago, IL. 

At this conference, attendees will have a chance to learn about Nationwide’s impressive live broadcast technology. This communication system helps the company deliver necessary information and practices to employees, which in turn can help drive key behaviors and employee engagement. Nationwide benefits from their live broadcast system as it establishes strong internal employee communications across the enterprise and promotes collaboration and productivity amongst their large and remote organizations.

You’ll have the chance to see video examples of Nationwide’s live broadcast system as well as live examples, screenshots, and solutions from several other companies on how they are using employee engagement tools. Don’t miss out on your chance to learn from top organizations and boost your own internal communications strategies.

If you are a communications professional, Register now for this conference & enhance your existing internal communications strategy.

Advance your internal communications strategies with ALI Conferences!

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