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Turning procrastination around

I thought this was an inspiring story to reframe all of those small tasks as achievements waiting to happen. Turning procrastination around is possible!

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Turning procrastination around

By Siobhan Morrin, Editor at LinkedIn News
Updated 16 hours ago

Is procrastination always a bad thing? Not necessarily, if it means you’re putting something off to make time for your passion instead, writes Bruce Grierson in Psychology Today. He suggests pivoting when you’re stuck can give you a change of energy – and says plenty of successful creatives did their best work while “skiving off”. However, psychologist Fuschia Sirois says procrastination can be about something bigger, like self-doubt, and putting off tiny tasks make people feel bad about themselves. To avoid falling into the spiral, productivity experts suggest the following:

  • If a task will take fewer than two minutes to complete, do it before anything else and don’t add it to a to-do list.
  • When you think about the task you’re putting off, try and shift your thoughts instead on to what action you would need to take to start getting it done.
  • Try fitting smaller tasks into your daily routine, for instance tidying up while your coffee is brewing.
  • Reframe your thinking: perhaps looking for a way you might gain a new skill or find something to enjoy in it.
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