Top 3 Takeaways from Storytelling for Internal Communications

Top 3 Takeaways from Storytelling for Internal Communications

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On June 11, 2020, ALI Conferences, alongside Kevin Finke, Founder and Chief Storyteller of Experience Willow, hosted the Storytelling for Internal Communications virtual conference, where storytellers presented their successful case studies on how to motivate employees, create engaging content, and gain leadership buy-in.

Here are the top 3 takeaways of Storytelling for Internal Communications:

1. Human Connection

It’s all about human connection and creating compelling content. Employees want news and stories that connect to them on a human level, not as an employee in a corporate entity. And you won’t have to create this content from scratch! Search out those team members who have inspiring stories on why they love the work they do. Share those stories in the employee newsletter or on the company intranet and easily give your team a motivating human connection that reminds them of the important work they do each day. People with passion equal people with a purpose!


No Going Back: 5 Ways Covid-19 Changed Employee Communication Forever by Steve Crescenzo, CEO, Crescenzo Communications

2. Do Less & Do It Better

It can sometimes feel like it’s a go-go-go world. With average attention spans ranging from 8-12 seconds, you may feel like you need to create a constant stream of content. But consider creating less, high-quality content rather than a stream of more, low-quality content. Keep the mantra “do less and do it better” in your mind and create easy-to-digest short pieces of great content.

3. Encourage Leaders to be Social on Social

So, you know that human connection is important to your workforce, but how do you get your leadership team to commit to being social on social media? Social media is where your employees already are, absorbing quick bites of information and updates. Convince your leaders to buy-in to social media connection with employees by locating the available studies proving this concept. Trust me, they’re out there! Condense that information into convincing data on how people today take in short, but compelling content.




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