The Real Reason Why Your Company’s Mission, Vision & Values Matter

The Real Reason Why Your Company’s Mission, Vision & Values Matter

mission vision values matter

mission vision values matterEvery purpose-driven company knows that its ‘Why’ is important, but too many startups and small businesses miss the opportunity to accelerate their own growth by articulating not only the ‘Why,’ but the ‘How.’

For a young, or rapidly growing company, the need to articulate their Mission, Vision and Values is even more urgent. Taking a beat to think about your culture and values may seem like a luxury, but the most successful companies know that there are some very real reasons why this matters to their business.

In fact, those reasons are pretty compelling – like, for example, making more money, hiring (and keeping!) the best talent, etc.

But beneath that, there are actually two ‘best-kept-secret’ reasons why a CEO/Founder/Business Leader will want to get on this pronto.

1) Your life will be so much easier

Your job as a leader becomes is simplified once you know, and can clearly explain to your growing team:

  • Who you are as a company
  • What you stand for
  • Why you come to work every day
  • How you want to work together,
  • and the Difference you want to make in the world.

This, in essence, is what your Mission, Vision and Values are all about.

Once this is defined, it’s much easier to hire the right people, and let the wrong ones go. It’s also easier to manage your team because they understand the ‘big picture’ and your values serve as a sort of ‘social contract.’

With clear Mission, Vision and Values statements, everyone (including you!) has a built in decision-making framework. “Should I do it this task way, or that way? Hmmmm…we’ve got a value called ‘Customer First,’ so I think I’ll prioritize that piece of client work…”  (See? Easier to manage!)

You will also make better decisions when it comes to designing and delivering your products and services. You, and everyone who works for you, will have a much clearer, more intuitive understanding of every aspect of your brand.

2) Articulating your Mission, Vision & Values is easier than you think

The truth is, almost every leader I’ve ever met actually already knows what their company is about, they know why they want people to come work every day, and they know what they want it to be like to work together.

It’s why they built the company in the first place, or why they felt compelled to take the helm. Leaders just don’t always have the language or bandwidth to be able to articulate them.

The good news, I’ve found, is that it doesn’t actually take much prompting to get a leadership team talking excitedly about why they’re passionate about their work, and how they envision the future of their company. It’s actually why they’re called, well, leaders.

Voila! Before and After

The difference between a company that has thought through, and articulated their Mission, Vision and Values, is a night and day from one that hasn’t.

Companies without this essential building block of culture suffer from an unmistakable sense of chaos, overwhelm and panic that inevitably seeps into their customer experience, hiring, work quality, and leadership. It’s a little like spinach in your teeth at a cocktail party; everyone can see it but you…

On the other hand, there is a sense of lightness, focus, confidence, and above all, clarity that shines through in leaders – and employees – who understand their ‘Why’ and their ‘How.’ It’s infectious, and helps a company attract and retain the best talent, innovate ahead of the competition, and build a business that’s truly set up for long-term success.

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