The Power of Podcasts

The Power of Podcasts

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It’s time to revamp your communications strategy!

At the Strategic Corporate Communications conference, attendees will have the chance to see first-hand how their corporate communication peers are successfully utilizing digital tools to increase brand engagement, express authenticity, and achieve organizational goals and objectives.

Is your organization’s communications strategy up to date with digital tools? With growing digital workplace technologies, the workforce is continuously having to adapt to keep their employees engaged and up to speed.

Johnson & Johnson logoAt Johnson & Johnson, it became apparent that traditional methods of communication were not performing the way they use to. As a result, Johnson & Johnson decided it was time to take out the old and bring in the new. The consumer goods giant began to implement podcasts into their communications mix to spread ideas and messages for a more efficient and engaging delivery for their corporate team.

By implementing podcasts into the communication mix, the company was able to spread its messages and objectives at a much more efficient and larger scale.

Attendees of the Strategic Corporate Communications conference will have a chance to see first-hand exactly how Johnson & Johnson is utilizing podcasting in their corporation plus ideas on how you can implement podcasts into your organization’s strategy back home.

Benefits of podcasts:

  • Podcasts are better for busy schedules
  • On-demand
  • Mobile friendly
  • Quick and engaging

If you are a communications professional, register now for this conference & enhance your organization’s existing corporate communications strategy.

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