The future of internal communications

The future of internal communications

The future of internal communications

Is your organization ready for the future of internal communications?

Social, video, mobile, Intranets, wearables, BYOD, gamification, ESN, applification, Vlogs…This is only a small sampling of the latest and greatest technologies and trends in internal communications.

Internal communications are evolving and we have to evolve with it. Why? If we don’t embrace new technologies to engage employees and create open lines of communication with them, the bottom line will inevitably be impacted.


Here are 3 mistaken beliefs you might already have during the shift to digital internal communications:

1) “Social media is for personal use before or after work hours.”

It’s time to get social. Incorporating social media or enterprise social networks (ESNs) into your internal communications strategy can be a great way to engage employees.

Allowing them to communicate and collaborate through social tools (when done right) is an innovative way to encourage collaboration, boost productivity, and convert your employees into your best brand ambassadors.

2) “Shift? What shift?”

If your organization is in denial about the need to implement digital and visual communication plans internally, you are definitely behind the curve.

To remain competitive as well as retain and engage top talent, you’ll need to reinvent your internal communications strategy to include a clear focus on new, digital tools and technologies.

3) “I don’t need help and a lot of opinions. I know what I’m doing!”

Even if you have decades of experience as a communications professional, it’s important to acknowledge you don’t have all the answers. Put an end to the guessing game and simply ask your employees what they want.

By requesting feedback and input, you’re not only gaining valuable insights into the psyche of your organization, but you’re also allowing them to feel valued and involved on a whole new level.


How is your organization conquering the challenges of digital internal communications? Tell us in the comments section below.

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