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10 Commandments of Internal Branding, Culture, and Employee Engagement

Inward’s 18th Anniversary – 10 Commandments of Internal Branding, Culture, and Employee Engagement

It was 18 years ago that we first started building our own brand identity. At the time, many companies were conducting large-scale process redesign and reengineering programs. Reportedly, close to 50% of those programs were failing, and 80% of the credit was given to reasons related to company culture clashes. Our thinking? What could we

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Join Us At The ALI Strategic Internal Branding Conference

Written by Shona Lepis, Marketing Director at Vignette. Engaging employees, creating brand ambassadors and driving change & business results through effective internal communications Please join us at the ALI Strategic Internal Branding Conference, Wednesday, October 26 – Thursday, October 27 in New York City. Vignette’s Managing Director, Gregg Apirian, will be leading a session on:

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employee experience

Let’s get clear: Employee Experience vs. Employee Engagement

Written by Preston Lewis, Founder & CEO, Last week I was the Chair of the ALI Strategic Internal Communications and Employee Engagement Conference in Chicago and I shared my perspective on the relationship between employee experience and employee engagement. It resonated with the audience, so I thought it would be helpful to elaborate further.

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The Essentials of Employee Value Propositions

Written by Allan Steinmetz , CEO at Inward Strategic Consulting Two weeks ago I attended the Advanced Learning Institute’s (ALI’s) Employee Engagement and Internal Brand Activation conference in Chicago. I was asked by ALI to lead a step-by-step employee engagement workshop on the first day which was well attended. As a speaker, I was also

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Strategy vs. Tactics: Why It’s Important To Distinguish the Difference

Written by: Gregg Apirian, Managing Director of Vignette The Difference Between A Strategy and Tactics Let’s begin with a scenario. You are an HR or internal communications professional, and you have been tasked with communicating something important to the employees you serve. You think the best way to communicate this information is through a poster

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The Employee Experience: Developing an Employer Branding Strategy Plays An Important Role in the Employee Experience

As we come to the end of our Employee Experience series, we want to close on what we believe to be one of the most important components used to fuel the employee experience—Employer Branding. In today’s competitive marketplace, a company’s employer brand is an essential tool to attract and retain top talent. How Can Companies

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The (New) Definition of Employee Engagement

Written by: Lenny DeFranco Employee engagement has been one of the most talked-about topics in human capital management for twenty-five years. And yet, despite the attention of professionals from every area of the business world—or maybe because of it—the term itself has never gained a universal definition. There’s no reason it couldn’t, though. On the

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Does SoLoMo Help Employee Brand Engagement?

I attended a C-Suite conference last week in Boston. I heard a new term called SoLoMo. So I googled it and learned that it means Social-Local-Mobile. Definition – What does SoLoMo mean? The following is an explanation from the helpful website, Techopedia. “SoLoMo, short for social-local-mobile, refers to a more mobile-centric version of the

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