Human Resources

Hack the Experience

  At ALI’s recent Strategic Internal Communications Conference in San Francisco, we tackled one of the greatest challenges facing companies today – how to create an outstanding experience from the very first moment employees connect with your company. Here were our challenges: #1: The Job Hunt How can we communicate our unique employee experience in a

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What does ‘engagement’ really mean in the communications world?

In the communications biz, we like to throw the word “engagement” around a lot. We’re  always trying to figure out if our workforce is “highly engaged,” or “somewhat engaged” or “disengaged” or some other kind of engaged. But the problem that none of the high-priced engagement consultants want to admit is, it’s really, really hard

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What the heck is an EVP?

Written by Ann Melinger, originally published on the Brilliant Ink Blog, August 26,2016.   What is an EVP? Okay, before you read the headline and think, “Come on, Ann, you’re supposed to be an employee engagement expert. Shouldn’t you know what an EVP is??” – let me clarify. We’ve been hearing a LOT about EVPs

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Intranet Employee Onboardinge

How to use Your Intranet for Successful Employee Onboarding

This article was originally published on the Intranet Connections blog, September 6, 2016.  Starting a new job can be stressful, whether it be new graduates just starting out, or experienced individuals starting a different job. You don’t know anybody, you don’t know where the lunch room is, where the water cooler is, or even where the bathroom

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