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Managing Change Through Strategic Internal Communications

Written by Inward Strategic Consulting Program Manager, Matt Manning, originally published on Linkedin’s blog Pulse on November 15, 2016. In today’s constantly changing global environment, companies that anticipate these shifts have a distinct advantage over competitors. For instance, dietary preferences have shifted away from processed fast foods towards organic and locally sourced options. Big box

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Join Us At The ALI Strategic Internal Branding Conference

Written by Shona Lepis, Marketing Director at Vignette. Engaging employees, creating brand ambassadors and driving change & business results through effective internal communications Please join us at the ALI Strategic Internal Branding Conference, Wednesday, October 26 – Thursday, October 27 in New York City. Vignette’s Managing Director, Gregg Apirian, will be leading a session on:

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What’s missing from employee advocacy

Written by Chuck Gose in ICology. Employee advocacy is a popular topic in internal communication circles. And rightfully so. It makes a lot of business and marketing sense for companies to encourage employees to use their own social networks to share company news and information. All kinds of data point to the notion that we’re

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5 Insights That Will Make Your Next Employee Event A Success

Written by  Mike Lepis, Co-Founder and  Creative Director of Vignette Have you ever attended a memorable corporate event? Something where they just ‘got everything right’? Where experience, content, culture, and community all come together. The venue was great, the location was inspirational, speakers were focused and passionate, your guest speaker not only entertained but blew

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employee engagement

10 Simple Secrets You Need to Know to Increase Employee Engagement

Written by: Tim Eisenhauer, Contributor, Co-founder, President, Axero Source: Entrepreneur By some accounts, an epidemic of worker disengagement is raging in this country. In its most recent “State of the American Workplace” report, Gallup Research found that 70 percent of U.S. workers were either not engaged or were actively disengaged at work. While there’s some

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3rd Annual Strategic Internal Communications Conference

How Do You Measure Collaboration Success?

Written by: Curtis Hughes What is collaboration? No, don’t Google it. I don’t want Webster’s definition; I want your definition. Hard question, isn’t it? Now imagine trying to actually measure whether or not you are actually doing a good job of collaborating. How do you measure something you can’t clearly define? Impossible, pointless, meaningless? Trust

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