crisis communications strategy

4 Steps to Communicate in a Crisis Situation

Every company, no matter the industry, deals with difficult problems and issues each day. Starbucks’ issue of racial profiling in one of their stores; Southwest’s emergency landing resulting in the death of a passenger; countless produce companies having issues with E. coli and Chili’s data breach, to name a few. No industry or organization is

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Crisis Implications for Brands in the ‘Age of Doubt’

Written by Mike Hatcliffe, RockDove Solutions. Brands exist in what some describe as the ‘Age of Doubt’. Brand emergencies have increased in frequency. Crises occur more often. The escalation from troublesome issue to major threat evolves more quickly than ever. The new uncertain world for brands is explored by Brian Kelly, an experienced former CMO

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The Important Lessons That Southwest Taught Us About The New Rules of Crisis Management

Written by Mike Hattcliffe, RockDove Solutions. Thanks to the Wall Street Journal, we got a fascinating glimpse of the behind the scenes response at Southwest Airlines in the immediate aftermath of the terrifying and tragic incident on April 17th, 2018 when an engine failed causing the death of a female passenger and endangering the lives of

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