Tina Powell

In a word, Tina Powell is about RESULTS. As a professional, award-winning communicator, she crosses multiple genres to create innovative, strategic marketing and public relations programs. She is a skilled advertising copywriter, an accomplished journalist, a bestselling author, an engaging brand ambassador, and an entertaining guest speaker.

Her communications expertise has been utilized by an impressive array of companies, including Mars Canada, P & G, Dempster’s, Boar’s Head, and the Toronto Blue Jays. She has a degree in Marketing from York University, an English degree from McMaster, and will soon receive her Master of Communication Management from USC Annenberg.

Canadian Business Magazine, the Toronto Star, and Canadian Health and Lifestyle are just some of the publications in which her editorial writing has appeared. She has taught business communications, introductory marketing, and salesmanship at the college level.

She is a Board of Director for the Pacific Coast Public Television Association, the Canadian arm of KCTS 9, and is a member of the International Association of Business Communicators.

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