Nicole McLean

Nicole McLean was diagnosed with stage 3a breast cancer in her 30’s. Surprised and confused by her diagnosis, she started chronicling her journey through breast cancer treatment via her blog, My Fabulous Boobies. A natural writer and storyteller, she began blogging just for friends and family but discovered that there were few voices online just like hers. Learning about the disparities in awareness and understanding among young women and black women like herself, she decided to immerse herself in the world of breast cancer advocacy and awareness. My Fabulous Boobies was the recipient of a health advocacy award from WEGO Health (Best in show twitter), and has been listed as one of the best breast cancer blogs for the past 3 years by Healthline. Nicole is completing the manuscript for her first book and designing a website for breast cancer survivors.

  • Company:Creator Of The Blog, 'My Fabulous Boobies'
  • Job Title:Breast Cancer Activist
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