Lilly Coniglio

Lilly Coniglio is managing partner of The Strategic Organization. She has over 35 years experience in providing planning, project management, funding strategies, assessment and technical assistance with government and international agencies, educational institutions, healthcare organizations, associations, and nonprofit organizations. She has developed and directed national and regional outreach programs, planning and professional training initiatives including, a global conference on technology and tourism, national and regional healthcare projects, community and educational outreach initiatives and Web based solutions for technical assistance.

She is the co-developer of The Strategic Profile, an online strategic assessment tool and technical assistance platform used by associations, government agencies, nonprofit and intermediary organizations.

As a consultant to Army OneSource, Lilly has served as project lead for AOS efforts to provide free online behavioral health training, building state level military legal assistance and developing an online resource center. She also serves as an AOS subject matter expert for onsite facilitation and planning.

Lilly received her BA from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and an MA in Higher Education Administration from Bowling Green State University.

  • Job Title:Managing Partner
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