Cori Bassett

Cori W. Bassett is the head of Strategic Communication for ICE. She heads one of the two operational branches of ICE’s Office of Public Affairs. Cori directs the initiation, planning and implementation of comprehensive national and international public affairs campaigns to enhance an understanding of ICE’s programs among the general public and external stakeholders.
She oversees a team of communications professionals who produce a wide variety of digital, print and online materials, manages ICE’s online presence and provides editorial and branding expertise to the agency. In this role she directs the handling of controversial and sensitive topics for ICE and participates in crisis communication planning.
Prior to her current position, Cori served as a national spokesperson for ICE. During that time she worked with a wide variety of national, international and local media and handled controversial, sensitive and high profile media stories on a regular basis.
Cori has 17 years of public affairs experience, which spans a wide range of activities including, media relations, developing public affairs policies, overseeing and managing large outreach events as well as developing a wide range of professional written materials and multi-media productions.
Cori has a degree in journalism from Ohio University and was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Sri Lanka. She is married with two children.

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