Seven Wicked Smart Tips from Communications Experts

Seven Wicked Smart Tips from Communications Experts

Do you ever leave a conference chock full of ideas and new contacts? After Advanced Learning Institute’s 5th Annual Strategic Comms Conference, I certainly did! If you missed it, check out some awesome nuggets (and sorry if you get a serious case of FOMO):


“Learn your employees’ love language.” – Speaker from Pernod Ricard

What a great reminder to get to know your people — whether it’s through focus groups, a survey and even just talking with them — and understand what makes them tick.


“Email isn’t evil.” – Speaker from Medidata

I couldn’t agree more with this one. However, it requires an email strategy (and following it!) to cut through the noise of people’s inboxes.


“Be authentic and trust your gut.” – Speaker from ImmunoGen

While data is crucial to your internal comms strategy, you should know your people and what works for them. Don’t be afraid to listen to that voice inside your head to help guide you.


“Say no… with a better yes.” – Speaker from McDonald’s Canada

We all nodded in agreement with this one. As internal communicators, we’re pulled in every which way, so if you can push back strategically and think of a more effective way to accomplish the same results, it’s a win-win.


“Change communications is advanced common sense.”

– Speaker from AbbVie

Amen! Even when changes are rolling in fast and furious, rely on communications fundamentals to steer you and your strategy.


“Don’t punt on puns.” – Speaker from Magna

When used well, they can help make email copy, digital signage, or engagement platforms pop.


“Ruthlessly misinterpret my advice and apply it to your situation.”

– Emcee of the conference, co-founder of We!

I loved this advice. To me, it felt like the speaker gave me permission to use his experience in a way that makes sense for me and my work. It was liberating!


“Failure is not an end.” Speaker from Medidata

Need I say more?


Onward, communicators!


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