Workshop D: Learn How to Activate Your Employer Brand, Energize Your Employees, And Attract Skilled Talent To Drive Bottom-Line Results – NOVACREA RESEARCH CONSULTING

3:15 pm – 5:15 pm

Attracting and retaining skilled talent is a major challenge for many communication executives. With the increasing use of social media, potential candidates can learn a lot about your company. It’s therefore more critical to have a clear employer brand message to attract and retain the right talent.  How do you align your brand promise between customers and employees to achieve your business goals?

In this interactive and hands-on workshop, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify opportunities and events to strengthen your employer brand
  • Leverage internal and external communications to ignite employee passion
  • Identify metrics of success for measuring your communication campaigns
  • Design survey questions to measure the effectiveness of your communication campaigns

Providing you with:

  • Guidelines for building a business case for your communication campaign
  • Experience in creating valid and unbiased questions
  • A roadmap for creating and implementing an evaluation programs

You are encouraged to bring your communication campaign ideas to the workshop and use this as your launch pad to activate your employer brand and energize your employees.

Workshop Leader: Pi Wen Looi, PhD., Founder and President, NOVACREA RESEARCH CONSULTING