Workshop D: Cut Through the Noise and Capture Employee Attention: How to Think Outside-the-Box, Find Creative Communication Methods and Ensure your Messaging is Noticed, Absorbed, and Acted Upon – The Hoppen Group & SnapComms

3:30p.m. – 5:30p.m.

Sometimes the best content in the world isn’t enough – if you can’t get their attention in the first place, understanding and behavior change won’t happen. We’ll work through real life examples and current projects provided by participants.

This interactive, creative workshop focuses on the ‘how’ and will provide you with:

  • The 5 key elements to consider if you want your messages to cut through the clutter
  • A framework for analyzing available channels and selecting the best ones for your project
  • Strategies for optimizing broadcast communications and weeding out ‘internal spam’
  • When to push and when not to- when is broadcast appropriate and necessary?
  • Guidebook with over 100 ways to communicate with employees
  • Actionable ideas and tactics to apply when you get back to work

This session will be interactive, hands-on, and built around your real life challenges.

Lynne Hoppen | Co-Founder, The Hoppen Group

Paula Cassin | Manager, North American Office, SnapComms