Workshop C: Stitching Together Story Pieces: Learn How To Create Newer, Stronger Web Content From Your Existing Content – SAPIENT GOVERNMENT SERVICES

1:15pm – 3:15pm

We connect to the world around us through stories; we create them, we share them, and we experience them. Every story is made up of messages (what’s being said), communication channels (where it’s being said) and content (how it’s being said). As digital communicators and content strategists, we are the storytellers; we strategize how to work with the messages, the communication channels and the content to effectively tell any story. Unfortunately, sometimes we only have pieces of the story…

Using a metaphor of quilting for the digital work being completed at the National Cancer Institute (NCI), this workshop will teach you the basics of storytelling and how to use your existing pieces of Web content to create new, stronger Web content that tells a clear, complete story. You will learn how to:

  • Conduct a comprehensive content inventory and assessment (gathering the fabric)
  • Understand and organize the current content (matching the pieces)
  • Create new content from the current content in Web style (cutting, adding and stitching)
  • Create a new sitemap from the new content (discovering the pattern of the quilt)