Workshop C: Measure & Optimize Marketing Spend in the Digital Age: How To Effectively Allocate Your Budget By Understanding WHAT To Measure – MEDIKLY, INC.

1:15pm to 3:15 pm

Today’s physicians are empowered, digitally-savvy & frequently difficult to reach by the sales force. This new landscape represents a contradiction for pharmaceutical companies—there have never been more ways to reach physicians, yet it’s never been so challenging to effectively engage them. Driven by the decline in face-to-face interactions and the increasing availability of on-demand access to digital channels, physicians now choose when, where, how, and if they interact with pharmaceutical companies.

With more than $60 billion being spent annually on marketing and communications to HCPs, pharmaceutical marketers need to reinvent how they allocate, optimize, & measure spend through real-time, data-based insights and intelligence.

This workshop will introduce you to the Physician Value Index (TM) , a new capability model of measuring marketing performance, and its contribution to bottom-line business value, including:

  • Determining your digital presence, digital participation, digital influence, and brand sentiment
  • Understanding the value of your audience
  • Make data-driven decisions on when, where & how to engage key audiences
  • How to get the right information to the right physician at the right time & through the right channel
  • How to you maximize digital ROI


Mark Goldstone, Co-Chief Executive Officer