Workshop C: Creating Your Intranet Roadmap – RIGHTPOINT

1:15pm to 3:15pm

Many firms are struggling with collaboration technology. Either it’s been installed and is not being used, or they are not sure what to do. How do you make great decisions about collaboration technology and its use within organizations? A collaboration roadmap answers both questions, providing a roadmap to success with collaboration at work.  In this very interactive, engaging session, you will hands-on see best practices from other firms and some great take-aways that you can use when you get back to your firm.

You will specifically learn how to:

  • Make your intranet vital, relevant and trustworthy
  • Create a feeling of intranet ownership throughout your organization
  • Cultivate power users and advocates who sell your intranet to others

Jeff Willinger, Director of Social Computing, Collaboration, & Intranets, RIGHTPOINT