Workshop B: Using Social Media Insights To Get From Big Data To Smart Data – SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY

10:15am to 12:15pm

As marketers, we have access to a wealth of data, including web traffic dashboards, customer search trend analytics, market research, customer support inquiries, and customer segmentation. This workshop will help you move from data to information by answering these key questions:

  • How can we begin to aggregate this data and pair it with social listening and propensity modeling to begin predicting the content needs of our community?
  • In the pharma space, what legal and regulatory challenges might we face?
  • How can we measure the value on developing predictive content to ensure that there is a positive ROI on the investment?
  • How can we begin to meet the needs of the individual by listening and engaging in the social space?

Also, you will learn:

  • The difference between data, information, knowledge and insights
  • What constitutes “big data” in pharma
  • Some current challenges regarding the collection/analysis of “big data”
  • How the growth in popularity of social media channels is contributing to the growth of “big data”
  • Steps marketers can take to start analyzing to social conversations and integrating those insights with other customer-centric data


Doug Weinbrenner
Senior Director, Social Media Strategy