Workshop A : Leveraging Social Media & Enterprise Intranet Technology to Boost Employee Engagement & Communications – Prescient Digital Media & Social Business Interactive

8:00 – 10:00 a.m.

The corporate intranet and internal social media have become the defacto hub of the typical knowledge worker, making work life simpler and more engaging for employees. When done correctly, the intranet, and the associated enterprise social media, is the hub of all work — the nexus of work. But the intranet has to deliver value and must have:

  • Active executive sponsorship
  • Thorough and rigorous governance
  • Adequate funding
  • Engaged employees

This interactive workshop will examine modern intranets and the latest employee social media, as well as employee engagement, communications, and employee ambassador programs, at length. Among other things, the workshop will detail how engagement is defined and measured, and how ambassador programs drive engagement. Many, world-leading intranet examples will be used to reinforce the recommended approach. Leave this session with a plan to update your own intranet to drive better engagement and delivery of your brand promise.

Toby Ward | CEO,  Prescient Digital Media & Social Business Interactive