Workshop A: How To Develop Engaging Content, Navigate Youtube And Video, And Define Your Agency’s Success – ABOUTFACE MEDIA

8:00am to 10:00am

Online video content is exploding – over 100 hours of content is uploaded every minute. Everyone wants (and expects) their video to “go viral” – but what exactly does that mean and how realistic is such a demand?

In this workshop, you’ll learn practical approaches and tips to developing content that engages your agency’s audiences and shares your messages, creating a personal connection that opens the door to further communication. Case studies will be presented to illustrate how video content was created, implemented, and promoted, demonstrating how in many cases, this content can serve double-duty across multiple distribution channels.

In this hands-on workshop, you will learn the tools you need to successfully launch a video campaign, or integrate video with your existing communication campaigns, including:

  • Asking the right questions before you create an ongoing online video content strategy
  • Exploring best practices for developing compelling, audience-engaging content
  • Developing cost-effective video content for multiple distribution channels
  • Addressing expectations regarding engaging with and sharing video content and “viral views”
  • Creating a phased strategy for developing content and measuring success
  • Best practices for setting up and maintaining a successful Youtube Channel for government agencies