USAA’s Secret Sauce: Creating A Workforce Committed to the Mission and Passionate about their Members – USAA

8:30 a.m.- 9:05 a.m.

An organization’s two greatest assets can be an admired brand and a workforce of brand ambassadors. The reasons to align employees around your brand are straightforward and difficult to dispute.

This session will look at how financial services organization USAA has landed at the top of customer service award lists, most admired companies rankings and Fortune’s Best Places to Work, among many other accolades.

Learn how USAA:

  • Provides a tangible reason for employees to believe in its mission, which keeps them motivated and energized
  • Creates a sense of “oneness” between employees and members
  • Helps each employee see how he or she fits into the grand scheme of delivering the brand promise to its members and the effect of theseefforts on business goals
  • Develops a level of pride tied to fulfilling the brand’s promise


Dore Redfern | Director, Internal Communications, USAA