Understanding The Business Case For Choosing An Intranet Platform – TEACH FOR AMERICA & THOMSON REUTERS

Finding the best intranet solution starts before you even look at the software options currently available. First, and foremost, you must understand exactly what your organization needs, what your employees want, and the goals you want your intranet to achieve.

This highly interactive panel discussion will provide you with they key insight as to why specific organizations decided on one platform in comparison to others and why it has worked for them, including:

  • What problems were solved
  • Who was experiencing these problems
  • The goals and objectives for choosing the platform
  • Benefits the workplace experienced with this platform

We will also open the floor for any specific questions or concerns you have about a specific tool, or in general regarding your own internal goals, objectives, or problems in dealing with a social intranet tool.

Justin Fong, TEACH FOR AMERICA, Yammer User
Edward Ford, THOMSON REUTERS, Jive User