Two Weeks of Easy Work Plus Six Weeks of Hard Work Equals A Digital Employee Experience Like Never Before – CRICKET WIRELESS


In eight short weeks, Cricket dumped its social site and launched a real enterprise social community… seamlessly integrated into its intranet and bringing digital engagement to mobile and field employees. And guess what? The inmates are not running – or ruining – the asylum! Instead, they are commenting, connecting and collaborating a-go-go from any device in real time… while advancing the customer experience. #GameOn

This session will provide actionable and measurable insights into how you can:

  • Attain 70% adoption in just two months across both corporate and field employees
  • Achieve 10% growth in employee engagement month-over-month with consistency
  • Realize a potential savings of $275K over 18 months if you have the right formula
  • Allow content creation for your intranet to basically run on auto-pilot while you curate
  • Generate best practices organically and instill healthy competition along the way

Jennifer Le Blanc,  Senior Analyst in Corporate Communications , CRICKET WIRELESS