Transactional Informatics: Moving Health Data to the Point of Care – VETERANS HEALTH ADMINISTRATION

10:50am – 11:25am

In the last five years, over 85% of hospitals have implemented electronic health record systems, resulting in exponential growth in clinical, economic, and administrative data. Clinical adoption of these systems will help ensure the data are reliable, valid, and able to be used meaningfully to impact care delivery.  The Veterans Health Administration has benefited from an electronic health record system for over 20 years.  Recent improvements in corporate data consolidation and innovations in clinical application delivery have ushered a new era for clinical care in VHA;  these powerful stores of data are leveraged to create transactional informatics tools which move beyond retrospective assessment and evaluation to analytics which support the transactions of care between systems, provider, and patients.  In this session, explore strategies to:

  • Move data beyond evaluation and basic metrics to point-of-use action
  • Construct processes and tools which integrate decision-making with workflow
  • Utilize Big Data to create population-based tools which support individual-level response

Tamára L. Box, VA Office of Analytics and Business Intelligence, VETERANS HEALTH ADMINISTRATION