Rally the Troops – How To Turn Your Employees Into Brand Ambassadors During A Crisis – ROYAL CARIBBEAN CRUISES, LTD.

10:35am – 11:05am

When, not if, a crisis affects your company, are you prepared to activate your employees to act as brand ambassadors?

Most companies have developed thorough crisis communication plans to communicate with external stakeholders in the event of a crisis. However, far too many companies still do not realize that effective employee communication is also crucial to managing business crises. This important session will describe how you can rally the troops and have your employees defend your company during a crisis.

Following this discussion, you’ll gain an understanding on how to successfully:

  • Transform your crisis communication plan to include one of the most important audiences – your employee
  • Leverage all of your employees to tell your company’s story
  • Craft key messages that your employees can understand and easily repeat to their friends, family, neighbors, etc.
  • Identify communication channels to get your messages to all employees

Cynthia Martinez, Director, Group Corporate Communications
Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd.