That’s a Mighty Fine Logo! (But Will It Build Your Brand?) – NORTHWESTERN MEMORIAL HEALTHCARE

3:55pm – 4:45pm

We spend a lot of time getting the signs and symbols just right – the logo, the color, the distinctive visual design. But while those elements make a strong foundation for your brand, you need the hearts and minds of your employees to bring it to life. This session explores the human side of brand activation through efforts that involve employees in building the brand narrative and tap into storytelling to help create awareness and drive culture change.

You will walk away with ideas, tools, and an understanding of how to:

  • Create an awareness of what builds brand loyalty so that employees understand their essential  role in “owning” the brand
  • Use storytelling techniques to create brand connections that can inform and influence daily interactions with your customers
  • Involve your workforce in the important work of identifying the desired brand culture so that they can help drive culture change

Bonita Brodt, Director of Communications