Simply Irresistible: How To Use Video, Storytelling, And Games To Motivate Employees And Create Content That Can’t Be Ignored – MAYO CLINIC

10:40am – 11:10am

This fun and informative session will give you great ideas on how to make the important interesting. Using great writing, compelling video and even games to tell your organization’s story can motivate and encourage employees to give their best.  Mayo Clinic produces appealing content that reminds employees of the organization’s mission and helps inspire staff to go above and beyond every single day.

Following this discussion, you’ll gain an understanding on how to successfully:

  • Create memorable content that furthers the goals of your organization and motivates employees to give discretionary effort
  • Incorporate less traditional storytelling mediums such as self-produced videos and games into your internal communications
  • Determine what content warrants more specialized treatment – and recommend alternatives for the stuff doesn’t make the cut

Annie Burt, Manager, Institutional Communications