Practical Strategies: Resonating with Employees of all Levels when Communicating Organizational Goals – Dana Meyer Consulting & Conifer Health Solutions

2:15 p.m.- 2:50 p.m.

Connecting employees to business priorities in a focused and personal way drives organizational and individual success. Transparent and targeted communications are necessary to engage the workforce, foster trust and motivate employees to take action toward achieving company goals. Unfortunately, crafting and communicating in a straightforward, open and meaningful way is not as easy as it sounds. Providing clear priorities and consistent messaging from the C-Suite and leadership levels throughout the workforce can have a dramatic impact on how employees perceive their roles within the organization and ultimately their job satisfaction and commitment.

Learn how successful leaders instill trust and confidence amongst their employees by engaging them directly in achieving business priorities. Learn how to use key techniques and methods to develop and implement effective and compelling communications, including how to:

  • Work across functions to create a clear, concise business strategy with organizational goals employees can understand and apply to their daily jobs
  • Build powerful partnerships between strategy, HR and communications provide real results in driving a dedicated workforce that generates increased productivity, outstanding customer service and is perfectly aligned to organizational goals
  • Create a successful leadership communication program that provides the workforce with a stronger connection throughout the organization
  • Follow the critical steps internal communications’ leaders must take to instill confidence in the workforce by getting buy-in, visible endorsement and active support from the C-suite
  • Drive leaders to gain trust and offer transparency while protecting the company’s proprietary information
  • Leverage key drivers of employee connectivity through organizational messaging


Kelly Butler | Director, Internal Communications, Conifer Health Solutions

Dana Meyer | Founder & President, Dana Meyer Consulting