Measurement Is Key: How To Effectively Measure Your ROI When Using Multi-Channel Marketing & Social Media To Engage Your Audience In The Pharma World – MEDIKLY, INC.

9:40am – 10:15am

What is the right time and how? In this day and age in Pharma, the last thing on the mind is measuring who responds to your social media and marketing with ties to the FDA guidance drafts. Did you know, that is the most important “must know”, and still not highly addressed? By attending this session, you will hear how to:

  • Improve & maximize ROI based on making strategic marketing decisions, including whether your budget is better spent converting low-value physicians into higher value, or nurturing those who are already high value
  • Understand the value of your audience & the Physician Value Index
  • Make data-driven decisions on when, where & how to engage key audiences
  • Learn what success looks like when using the Physician Value Index as a marketing guide


Mark Goldstone, Co-Chief Executive Officer