Making Thrive Come Alive: Enabling Your Employees To Live Your Brand From The Inside Out – KAISER PERMANENTE

2:40pm – 3:10pm

Employees can’t live a brand they don’t feel, don’t understand, or don’t believe in. This session will provide you with the steps Kaiser Permanente has taken in its journey to connect employees to its external brand – and how by providing team members with the information, inspiration, and motivation they need to embrace the brand and everything it stands for, they will be prepared to inform, inspire, and motivate your customers, including how to:

  • Advocate for your employees as an integral component of your external brand
  • Influence beyond the messaging to what’s really needed to authenticate your brand internally
  • Combine a balance of information, inspiration, and motivation employees need to embrace and live the brand for your customers

Kristl Buluran, Manager of Communications, KAISER PERMANENTE