Learning How To Bring Mindfulness Into Your Workplace To Create Focus, Connection And Improved Business Results – STUBHUB

11:20am – 11:55am

Multi-tasking, back-to-back meetings, pulling all-nighters and juggling multiple projects: these are all hallmarks of high growth technology companies. Bringing mindfulness into your workplace will create focus, observation and calm. The health benefits are well documented while your employees will reach higher levels of productivity and satisfaction.

During this session, you will learn mindfulness practices and discover ways to bring these practices into your workplace, including:

  • Understanding what mindfulness means and the benefits of being mindful at work including stress reduction and improving productivity
  • Raising awareness on how to be more mindful and aware of your surroundings in the workplace
  • Learning how to inspire your employees to not only be aware of their thoughts and feelings but also to think before reacting
  • Putting teaching into practice and demonstrate how you can bring mindfulness back to your workforce

Anne Robie, Director of Human Resources