INTERACTIVE PANEL SESSION: The 5 Keys to Creating Highly-Trusted, Sharable Content: A LIVE Patient Panel – WEGO HEALTH, IBD Health Activist , Breast Cancer Health Activist & Diabetes Health Activist

10:45am –  11:30am

Patient Opinion Leaders, Bloggers and healthcare influencers (aka Health Activists) have developed an information ecosystem of online sharing that fuels the day-to-day decisions of healthcare information seekers. This live panel of Health Activists will speak openly about their online communities and the type of Pharma information shared most actively among patients.

 Hear what engages patients and:

  • The types of information that are valued most by active online patients
  • How manufacturers can increase the likelihood of patient-to-patient sharing
  • The 5 keys to increase sharing of both unbranded and branded programs and tools




ePatient Panelists:

Sharon Coyle-Saeed, IBD Health Activist and creator of “IBD Journeys”

Nicole McLean, Breast Cancer Health Activist, and creator of the blog ‘My Fabulous Boobies’

Catherine Price, Diabetes Health Activist, health & nutrition writer,