Interactive Panel Discussion: The Essential Elements of Creating an Effective Digital Workplace – LOGICAL DESIGN SOLUTIONS, nonlinear creations & MICROSOFT

3:10pm – 3:40pm

The Digital Workplace of the future has painted a picture of vast allure. It has a strong influence on employees’ motivation, performance and productivity. And it’s slowly taking hold, albeit in fits and starts, all across Corporate America and beyond.

But as many have found out – often the hard way – rolling out a Digital Workplace is not, despite the terminology, primarily a technology implementation. Nor does implementation equate to adoption.

This session will explore best practices for people, process as well as technology for creating a Digital Workplace that’s really used and delivers on the promise – including the five key areas that are critical for success.

Creating a truly digital workplace is a significant undertaking, but companies that have been successful have acquired a clear advantage in productivity, innovation, collaboration, and overall employee satisfaction.

Michael Rudnick, Principal Consultant, LOGICAL DESIGN SOLUTIONS

Shannon Ryan, CEO, nonlinear creations
Steven Piotrowski, Customer Success Manager, Microsoft