Identifying Tools and Systems for Measuring the Success or Failure of Programs and Policies: Avoiding the “just compliance trap” Presentation – NATIONAL ACADEMY OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION

1:45pm – 2:20pm

The National Academy of Administration works with OMB and agency leadership to convene performance stakeholders from federal, state, private sector, non-profit and academic partners to improve the coordination of activities that accelerate the progress of evidence-based initiatives.  These conversations have addressed issues such as integrating and standardizing available data, institutionalizing the value of outcome-based activities throughout the program lifecycle and prioritizing key stakeholder relationships.

Hear how successful programs are identified and supported by:

  • Maintaining common data standards with all levels of government and private sector partners
  • Promoting the adoption of an Outcome-Based Accountability framework
  • Utilizing resources dedicated to focusing on what works and designing creative strategies for funding successful programs


Brenna Isman, Project Director, Office of Management and Budget’s Collaborative Forum Initiative, National Academy of Public Administration