Humanize Your Brand: How to Leverage Social Media to Promote, Motivate, and Recognize Your Most Powerful Asset – Your Employees – ESURANCE

“Meet Esurance,” is Esurance’s branded video series It invites viewers into their world by letting them see what goes on behind the scenes. This kind of transparency, where a real employee engages on behalf of the Esurance brand, has proven to be a great way to help build consumers’ trust as well as employee engagement.

Esurance has launched 6 videos and the campaign improved their presence across all social media properties. It has resulted in unique opportunities to engage with customers and to learn more about the people who work tirelessly behind the scenes.

In this session, you will gain valuable tools and techniques to apply to your own internal communications strategy allowing you to leverage social media tools to promote, motivate, and recognize your employees, including how to:

  • Deliver shareable and engaging video content to humanize your brand to consumers and employees
  • Support your recruiting, SEO, and social media initiatives
  • How to select the right candidates to feature
  • How to use internal communications to promote video

Kate Rezucha, Internal Communications Manager, ESURANCE
Anne May Navarrete, Communications Specialist, ESURANCE