How Top Employers Turn Engaged Employees Into Brand Ambassadors – TalentMap

1:00 p.m. – 1:35 p.m.

In this highly interactive session, Norm will leverage TalentMap’s extensive database of research on employee engagement conducted with over one million employees at more than 1,000 organizations in Canada to identify those employers who have succeeded at building and maintaining the best employee engagement.

You will focus on those engagement drivers which are most important to employees and how top employers have managed and improved them.

Interviews with top employers will be shared to understand the secrets of their success, as well as provide insights on creative and innovative ways that these organizations have improved engagement. We will show how high engagement has resulted in turning employees into brand ambassadors, mostly through the use of social media.

Finally, using interactive exercises, we will show you how to apply these solutions to your own organization, including understanding:

  • Which organizations in Canada have achieved the highest degree of employee engagement
  • The drivers and dimensions behind that engagement and how they have been successfully managed
  • Best practices of top employers with regard to employee engagement
  • How Top Employers work with highly engaged employees to create “brand ambassadors”
  • How to implement these techniques in your own organization to improve engagement


Norm Baillie-David, Senior Vice President Consulting, TalentMap