How To Use Analytics To Better Communicate With And Engage Your Employees – Understand Your Employee’s Needs, Create Relevant Content, & Deliver It To The Medium They Prefer – WASHINGTON STATE DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS

The most important part of communications is listening to and understanding your audience, which can be done with more accuracy today thanks to the availability of website analytics. The Washington State Department of Corrections – one of the largest government agencies in the Pacific Northwest – came across the need to communicate a significant philosophical change that would impact 12 prisons, 125 field offices and 8,000 employees. In order to achieve this the Communications Office developed a new website to provide a consistent message with internal and external audiences. They carefully studied the analytics to determine where the staff had the most interest and confusion, which helped the agency produce content that was more relevant and helpful to the staff.

This informative session will explain how to analyze data to answer important questions about your existing internal
communications, including:

  • What is the data telling you about your employee’s knowledge and need for information
  • What do we you know about your employees habits and preferences for receiving information
  • Which medium – video, podcast, article, or interactive chart – is the most ideal to deliver a particular message to your employees
  • How can you use data to ensure your internal communications is more focused and relevant