How to Mobilize Talent to Leverage Your Knowledge Workers in Today’s Digital Organization – ACL Services Ltd

9:05 a.m. – 9:40 a.m.

How are you mobilizing talent in your organization today – todays “knowledge economy?”

Few leaders see their organization as a complete system. Instead they try to carry out partial running repairs, leaving a fundamentally outdated structure in place.A great majority of businesses are underperforming precisely because their most important intangible assets – the ideas and creativity of their knowledge workers – are unwittingly suppressed by the way in which these businesses are set up to operate. Trying to run a Company in the 21st century with an organising model designed for the 20th century places limits on how well a Company performs. The plagues of the modern Company are hard-to-manage workforce structures, thick silo walls, confusing matrix structures, e-mail overload and ‘undoable jobs’.

Hear strategies used by many companies of all shapes and sizes, locally and internationally, to mobilize talent in today’s environment.

Tracy Josling | VP HR & Head of Talent, ACL Services Ltd