Follow The Curve: Ways To Employ A Slow, Deliberate Shift To Engage Employees With An Internal Social Network – U.S. BANK

When large groups of people adopt technology, they naturally follow a curve. Innovators and early adopters eagerly jump in, blazing the trail for the majority to come marching behind. Grudgingly, the laggards walk away from their rotary phones and rabbit-ear antennas and join the rest.

U.S. Bank, the 5th largest commercial bank in the U.S., introduced its enterprise social network “US Book” in 2010. Instead of following the typical “everybody in the pool” approach, they employed a slow, deliberate shift in messaging that follows the natural adoption curve. Three years later, the tool and the strategy are coming into maturity.

During this forward-thinking presentation, you will learn tips and techniques to apply in your own organization when attempting to bring employees on board with a new, or existing, internal social network, including:

  • Understanding why an enterprise social network is not a technology project
  • Marketing along the curve by choosing the right message for the right audience
  • Mobilizing early adopters as evangelists
  • Debating the value of enterprise social networking – Social or business?

Monica Wiant, Director of Internal Communications (Vice President), U.S. BANK